February 12, 2009

Do I Hear a Siren?

The homeschool police are surely going to come hunt me down in the far reaches of this dirt-road to the Hagerman School of Fun and Soccer. I've been trying my best to keep up with their school schedule, but some days it seems so cruel to keep them inside with a loud, exciting game of soccer going on twenty feet from our front door, which, by the way, must remain open to let the air pass through. So today, after a few days of rain and much heat, I threw school to the wind and sent them outside. They'll be happy campers when they come in tonight, for sure. And just maybe the officials won't come after me this time!!

On another note, say a prayer for me tonight. I'm heading back for my follow-up blood tests at the hospital tomorrow morning. They're going to check glucose levels, blood pressure, iron, etc. I don't think they'll find anything more than what I've always known: I have to have food pretty regularly or I get weak, I need more chocolate than the average person, and my blood pressure is lower than most folks. I am hoping that the digestive problems I'm having are just because I'm getting accustomed to eating this Paraguayan food and not getting my recommended daily allowance of chocolate. And that I've only lost 15 pounds because it's hot here, not because I have a parasite. I can't stand the thought that something could be living in my stomach. Yuck. Let's change the subject now.

I heard a really funny reference here. I have mentioned before how different words mean different things in each country or area of South America, but one I've come to find quite hilarious is the reference to my children as creatures. I was looking at mattresses earlier this week and the salesman asked me if it was for me or for the "creaturas." I promptly told him that we don't allow creatures in our beds. I explained that we only use that word for animals, but to the locals, that's just weird. So every chance I get now, I'm calling the girls creaturas. Sometimes they actually live up to the name! :)


  1. Hey Ken, I will be praying that all goes well with your blood work. I do understand the daily requirement of good chocolote. I like to add a little coffee to mine, or visa versa. Well may God continue to bless you, Kristie and the "creatures". :) James Phipps

  2. Have you taken deworming meds since arriving? It's highly recommended because of the climate, parasites abound. Our family deworms every 6 months, upon recommendation of our doc!

  3. Sorry, I didn't make that very clear. Ken's okay on his blood. It's me (Christie) that was supposed to have the tests this morning, but they asked me to return tomorrow since it was very busy. Thankfully, Ken does not have a chocolate obsession, so I can hoard it all up and eat it myself, as long as the creatures don't find it!!! Thanks for the prayers, though!


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