February 9, 2009

Tapé Mission Experience

Tapé Mission Experience is the mission school we'll be starting this July. It's our primary objective for being here, so if you haven't checked it out yet, go on over to the website (click here). We're accepting applications now and hoping to have a great first term, which begins July 1 and ends December 18 (or June 23 if you choose the year-long term).

The name Tapé is actually the Guarani word for "path." We see the school as a path for young adults to take towards their life-calling. We believe that EVERY Christian is called to live the Great Commission and take the Gospel into all the world. For some that means their own communities, for other it means across the globe. The premise of the school is a focus on hands-on training that will equip the student for ministry either back at home or overseas in a cross-cultural setting.

The students will stay here for either 6 months or a year, and participate in the ministries already in operation under Paraguay Missions. That includes church planting/house churches, camps, retreats, evangelism, children's homes, youth work, and more. We'll also have a classroom component, learning things like culture, finances, language, leadership, etc.

Because this is taking place here in South America, the cost per student is very low. The monthly $350 tuition provides each student with lodging, food, local travel, phone/internet usage, ministry and classroom expense, and extra trips. So send your favorite young adult over to www.tapemissions.org to fill out an application, and keep us in your prayers as we continue to get everything ready for our first group of students!


  1. What a great learning opportunity for young people! We'll be praying for you as you get ready for your first group!

  2. I hope you get many applications! God bless!

  3. we'll be praying. i know it's a lot of work getting ready. is the school for Paraguayans or North Americans? What language are the classes taught in?


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