February 8, 2009

Weekend Report

Ladies' Retreat was here this weekend and I didn't quite make it over there EVEN ONCE! I hope the ladies who had asked me beforehand if I'd be there don't think I lied to them, as it was my intention to be there. Sometimes life just gets in the way.

Friday, it just boils down to "My family needed me." We'd gotten a little behind on our school paperwork. The end of the first semester should have been sometime in December, and it ended up being more like January 14. That means I SHOULD have tallied grades and gotten the report cards done then, but that happened Thursday and Friday instead. Caroline was still pretty painful in that wrist and needed help with her basic daily tasks. Camille needed some help with her schoolwork and a little "encouragement" to have a cheerful attitude. Ken needed a little time to do some tasks he'd been procrastinating. The groceries were running low and we needed a few basic supplies from town. When you add all that up, I never made it over to Ladies' Retreat.

Saturday, I didn't expect to go to Retreat because the day was devoted to THE MORTONS! YAY! Their flight landed right on time in Asuncion, and we got them and their luggage without a hitch. Their precious little 2 1/2 year old daughter was such a champ, after practically a day and a half of cars and airports and travel fun. Once we got them back to their new home, she played with Caroline all day while the rest of us cleaned and prepared the Mortons' house. We're all so excited that they're here! They'll be overseeing the children's homes in Itaugua, so we're getting a regular "team" of North Americans here in Paraguay! They blog, also, so you can read their updates here.

Saturday night I was a bit under the weather and ended up sleeping till mid-morning (thanks, Ken!) We spent the afternoon working on the missions school that we'll be opening July 6. I'll be blogging about the school tomorrow, so check back! Well, how was YOUR weekend?


  1. Mine was almost as crazy as yours. . . and this week promises to follow in that thread!

  2. Yahoo, the Mortons have arrived! Praise God!

  3. I just got around to reading that post. That and the comments make me feel so loved. Thanks Hagerman's for the wonderful welcome and all your help with the house!


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