March 20, 2009

10,000 Clicks and Prayer for Brenda

When I logged on to post a blog this morning, I noticed we've crossed over the 10,000 mark!!! That means that on 10,000 different occasions, someone has clicked on my blog to see what we have to say. This doesn't count those who have it automatically delivered through their email inboxes. WOW! I am floored that our little family would be of interest to anyone, much less for 10,000 clicks. Thanks for stopping by! (And if you're one of those lurkers who just reads and never comments, now's the time to be heard....)

This is a bittersweet weekend. The girls are kicking off their own new mission, called Project: Puente today. I'll be blogging more details about that soon. We have service in a house-church tonight, which had been postponed for the last several months. It will be good to be with these brothers and sisters again. But tomorrow, my new friend Brenda will be leaving Paraguay for an indefinite time. She's just found out she has breast cancer (read about it by clicking here) and will go back to the U.S. for treatment. I found her blog and started reading it months before actually coming to Paraguay, learning lots about what we could expect. I emailed her with questions about this new life, and she always proved helpful and encouraging. Once we arrived here, she was a strong resource for our family, not only answering my endless questions, but introducing us to other American expats and even hosting a much-appreciated Christmas dinner the afternoon of the 25th. She's not only a huge blessing to the missionaries here, but to visiting teams and the people of Paraguay. Please pray for her healing and for safe traveling.

Again, thank you for being faithful readers. I was brand new to this blogging world when I started this mission page, and it's been such a benefit to us, through the ability to "journal" our happenings, to keep our faraway friends and family posted, and to meet new folks from around the world. God bless you, Friends.


  1. Well I suppose there is no more hiding myself. I'm Abi and I'm a friend of the Morton's. I found your blog on their site. Since then, I've been come a faithful reader and your posts bring back some nostalgia for me. My parents moved our family to Cali, Colombia when I was ten years old and it was very difficult transition, so I can totally empathize with Caroline. However, the benefits were astounding, and I made some great friends, became fluent in Spanish, and learned more than I could have ever imagined. Of course, when you're ten you never fully appreciate your surroundings. Tell Caroline to keep practicing her biggest fear was that people would laugh at my accent. It takes some time, but its worth it. I really do love reading your posts. Sara is on a mission to get me to move down to Paraguay, so who knows what the future holds!


    abigail spears

  2. I'm so happy I was able to meet you and I want you to know I enjoy your blog and also enjoy praying for your family in your mission. God bless and have a nice weekend!

  3. Congratulations on reaching the 10K mark! Its wierd to know how many people out there are reading our blogs, and sort of rewarding.

    Thanks for all the prayers as well. I have loved getting to know you and look forward to being with you again soon!


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