April 25, 2009

...And Live to Tell

I've been practicing riding the motorcycle up and down our dirt road (it's a few miles each way) for the past couple weeks. I have trouble keeping it from sliding out rom under me in the deep sandy parts, but for the most part, I do okay. I always get a thumbs up from the neighbors, and I think that's a good sign. If I were causing them to have to rustle in the cows or round up the chickens every time I passed, it'd probably be a different story. And the way I slide around in the sand, I always get a crowd of "watchers" when I crank up for a test drive.

Yesterday, I was feeling ready for the real road. Not quite ready for the real traffic, but the real road, yes. I put on my helmet (I'm vehement about helmet use) and asked our buddy Fredy if he'd drive in front of me, so I could watch what he did and not be totally alone should something happen. Fredy has a different type of motorcycle, but the general idea is the same.

He rode along at a pokey speed (he said I was scaring him at first, so he kept it light) and I just did what he did. If a car was coming, we veered to the edge of the road. Scary. When the big trucks passed us (ever so closely) we slowed down to allow plenty of room for them to get over. When cows or chickens or other farm animals wandered out into the road, we swerved and slowed a bit more. When children walking home from school pointed and waved at me (is it the helmet, or what?), I beeped the little horn. That got me LOTS of thumbs ups and smiles.

I rode about 20 miles in all, enjoying some spectacular views on a road that's not too busy. I don't quite feel like I can venture into town yet, even the small town closest to us, since there are SOOO many cars, trucks, buses, and other motorcycles. For now, though, I think I can handle going for milk and gas and such. Yippee!!!!


  1. Is it something like when you first got your driver's license? :) Have fun and soon you'll be whipping around like "one of the boys!" :)

  2. Yeah, I wouldn´t advise going into town either. It really is getting very dangerous on the roads with all the motorcycles. Take care! The cars don´t respect them!

  3. FREEDOM!!! But please. . . be careful!! Its not you I'm worried about, its all the other crazy people out there! ;)

  4. You are braver than I. 15 people Paraguayans die every day on motorcycles. 15! I'm sorry to sound morbid, but please take care. Cars and trucks will not move for you; you've always got to be on the defensive.


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