April 27, 2009

Profesora Carolina

Caroline had a couple friends drop by to play this weekend. Two little girls from down the road came to play dolls and giggle. In the course of conversation, Caroline mentioned that I'd begun teaching an English class the past week. The girls said they'd like to come but can't be out after dark (boys their same age and younger are out but the girls keep close to home most of the time). So Caroline proceeded to start her own English class for them.

She asked if she could have my last two notebooks and then went over the things I'd done in class (alphabet, colors, numbers, greetings) while her "students" wrote it all down. They said they'd come back one day this week for class #2. Caroline was quite excited and is already working on lesson plans. (Don't click below..)


  1. A future leader in formation! Good for her

  2. This is precious! I love it! Tell her if she just talks to them a lot in English, they will pick up quite a bit. They are still young enough to learn more than adults do by listening! :)

  3. Wow, sounds like she's a teacher at heart! This is fantastic. Maybe mom will work her way out of the teaching job sooner than she thinks!


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