April 29, 2009

Dia de Maestros

Today was the equivalent of Teacher Appreciation Day, in which all the little folks prepared poems, dances, and skits for their teachers. We ventured down to the local elementary school for the festivities. Camille and Caroline participated in an interpretive dance, and some of the classes presented traditional Paraguayan dances compete with the fluffy skirts.
While the girls were preparing the food and the presentations, the boys just wanted to play soccer, of course. They are so ingenious here, most times able to make what they need from what they have. These boys dug holes in the ground, poured water in to soften the dirt, broke limbs and buried them in the holes, and filled in with rocks. The limbs they selected had branches at the tip to hold the top cross bar, and next thing you know, GOALPOSTS!
We were invited to hang around after the students left, to enjoy a time of ASADO (grilling out) with the teachers. Tonight in English class, one of the students presented me with a lovely stalk of flowers. Awww! Right before I gave their first quiz..... (Don't click)

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  1. Looks like fun.
    Those little boys really can become creative, when they want their football! :)


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