April 17, 2009

Easter Update

It's been a while since I've actually posted, but I'm in reality typing up yesterday's, today's, and a few following days right now. Aren't scheduled blogs the greatest invention?! We had a computer crash several days ago, and are quite handicapped on our ability to get online right now, so I am posting ahead a bit until we're back in business. ;)

We had a great Easter weekend, complete with several dozen dyed eggs, an Easter testimony service, dinner-on-the-ground, and a stomach virus. The kids here were so confused by us trying to turn the brown eggs different colors and were most concerned that we were making them inedible. The first thing they all said after finding them Sunday afternoon was, "Can we eat them now?" They have their priorities in line!!! I asked before we sent them out to hunt the eggs if they knew what the eggs symbolized. It was great to see the light come on and hear the "OOOOH!"'s after getting the explanation of new life and the Resurrection.

Camille and I passed the virus back and forth throughout the weekend, although she had the worst of it by far. My poor baby. She was so excited about Easter Sunday morning service, knowing different people would be sharing what Easter means to them, but she was just too weak from a night of vomiting to go. I figure the house-mom next door was happy I kept her home. Nothing like passing a bug around a family of 20!

Click below for pictures of the fun (minus the virus)!

Caroline and Laura are preparing the Easter cake...

The finished product (No laughing--I don't have a decorating kit and made an icing pen from a plastic bag. The kids ate it so fast they had no idea what it looked like anyway!!)

Yep, these are the Easter eggs. These are mostly various shades of blue, because it was the only color that seemed to work.


  1. Hey! It is good to hear from you! I know it is easier posting things on my blog when no one is around so I can just let it flow!! Yep we Still are in Dacusville..Good ol' Dacusville! So how are things with you? How is life there? It looks like you guys are doing a great thing!One day I would like to minister to people like that! Well I am glad to hear from you and def. keep in touch. Follow my blog! I am just starting but if feels good to just let stress out through the keys lol.. Have a Happy DAY!!


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