April 18, 2009

What Are We Up To?

Several projects are in the works right now. We are beginning free English classes this upcoming week and can't wait to see how God will use those to open doors in the community and help the young people here learn a new language. The teens and young adults are now meeting every Saturday for "youth night" and they're excited about the opportunity to invite their friends to something "just for them." The picture below was of this past weekend, when all watched the Narnia movie, ate popcorn, and drank kool-aid (I've got them all hooked on kool-aid now, which they call JUICE!) I still love that scene in the movie when Aslan comes back to life, and the symbolism was even more obvious when watching it the night before Easter.

Some pen pals have already begun writing back and forth as a result of Project: Puente, and Camille and Caroline have been collecting some more school supplies to deliver. We're still looking into Bibles and blankets for the children living in this neighborhood, and those who are participating in the Friday Bible classes at the public school.

Very soon we'll be starting a weekly young ladies' Bible study, focusing on purity and Godly relationships. The study uses the story of Esther to encourage seeking God's will and following it with a pure heart. The plan of the enemy to destroy the innocence of youth here is obvious, and we're excited to be sharing the Truth about these topics with those girls who'll be attending.

Each of these areas could really use prayer support, so thank you in advance for speaking to our Father about these upcoming efforts.


  1. I´m glad you are having success in your work over there. I´m sure it´s really hard sometimes to "see" the fruits of your work, but I hope you are staying encouraged!

  2. i have a question for you and couldn't find your e-mail. i am looking for christian rock music in spanish - any suggestions? i want something that is with the same beat as the music the teens blast around here.

  3. Awesome, Christie! What specific study are you using? I'd like to look into getting some Beth Moore studies in Spanish, but they are pretty in depth for most of the ladies here. Let me know how that study goes, how exciting!

  4. I have a young ladies' study on Esther, called "For Such a Time as This." I found the book here in Spanish, but not the Bible study that goes with it. I'm working on adapting it, because it's a little "much" for where our gals are here, too. I found a simpler version of similar material (minus the Esther story, but Biblical nonetheless) at http://www.middletownbiblechurch.org/prelatio/prelatio.htm It may just end up easier for me, to use that.

  5. To Jeff and Amy: We don't have a lot of "rock" in Spanish, like what I'd think of when I say rock. We have (in English) Switchfoot, POD, Pillar, Fireflight, Flyleaf, Skillet, etc.--a lot of the teens here recognize a song or two off those CD's because I think they get played here in English sometimes.

    What turns out to be a bigger hit where we are is the Christian reggaeton, like Funky (my personal fave), Vico C, Raza for Christ, Manny Montes, and Dr. P, just to name a few. They're all kinda similar to our hip hop, and I hear similar stuff blasting on the giant speakers people have in the backs of their trucks. Haha!

    When we have young people from the neighborhood over, who DON'T listen to Christian music normally, they always comment on how they like the music. Hope that helps! :) --Christie

  6. I CAN'T WAIT TO COME!!! :)


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