May 22, 2009

Cerro Cora

Today we explored a new hill, called Cerro Cora. The teachers told us about it this morning after Bible class. It's supposedly an extinct volcano, but it looks like a bunch of good-sized hills situated in a circle, the inside perimeter of which is what they call the old volcano.

We visited with one of our pastors and his family there. They live in a beautiful spot with a creek, a pet monkey, a lot of ducks, and a docile horse. Okay, there were more animals than that, but that's what stood out to me. The pictures if you click below are of my mom and Caroline at a huge rock near the pastor's home, and then of his family in the next shot. The last picture is of their washing machine. They were a happy family who welcomed us and were a blessing to get to know. We enjoyed the adventures of off-roading in the newly repaired SUV, and meeting more brothers and sisters in the Lord.

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