May 23, 2009

A Fishy Package

Our new friends from Ciudad del Este sent us a most wonderful package! They wanted to share some warmth with the neighborhood children, so they packed up a giant bag full of handmade scarves and hats, plus marshmallows for our next bonfire, and some beautiful original artwork as a gift to my mom (or mum, as they say....)

They found out it was MUCH, MUCH faster to ship this package on a bus (a few hours vs. 10 days), and quite cost effective. So we went to the bus stop to await the arrival. After chasing down the wrong bus, we literally jumped onto the right one as it was trying to pull away, then had to convince the driver that he REALLY DID have a package for us in his cargo area. He remembered the giant bag after I started describing it (glad Marion gave me a description of the fishy underwater scene on the bag). I don't know WHERE it would have landed had the driver not remembered he had it and told us where to look. Needless to say, we were just ecstatic to get it, and can't wait to pass these things out! We're hoping for a cool day soon so we can build a fire and teach the locals how to roast marshmallows. And the marshmallows are the same bright colors as the scarves and hats... how creative!

The couple who sent it all has a wonderful ministry that utilizes their artistic talents to share Bible stories and reach out to needy Paraguayans. Check out their website when you get the chance. We are so thrilled that they shared some of their resources with us and look forward to getting to know them better. Thanks, Jamie and Marion!


  1. We are just so thankful it arrived OK. Quite amazing!
    Cant wait to come and colour your school there.

    nb. You also say Tomaytoes and We say Tomartoes! ..
    ..and thats a whole nother blog now ain't it? =)

    Enjoy the smores.
    Blessings and abrazos from CDE.

  2. they sent us some scarves too! Great couple. didn't realize you knew them too.


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