May 13, 2009

Flying Things

Since you've heard about our tarantulas and snakes, I thought I'd show you a little of the prettier side of "right outside our door." There is an incredible butterfly bush outside the back door, and we really enjoy the different species that come by for a visit.

Ken is particularly fond of the small eagles like the little guy resting on the coconut tree trunk below.
This is, of course, Caroline's beloved Peruvian chicken, Lima. Lima doesn't ever want to leave her pen, so Caroline goes inside it to "baby" her. I've been able to talk her out of putting hairbows on Lima so far...
And this is Anildo (Ah NEEL tho), one of our neighborhood buddies. He only speaks a handful of Spanish, so he gets a kick out of our attempts with Guarani. I threw him into this batch because he looks like he could fly, with those four arms! (SIDENOTE: Yep, that's my hammock to the left! Come on over and I'll let you swing in it!)


  1. ooohhhhhh. The chicken is SO cute!! : ) I think bows are a great idea!! lol The butterfly is gorgeous. Send some over to Peru!! lol
    Thanks for posting!

    Sarah Beth
    "The Other Side"

  2. Great pictures. Everyone that reads the blog just loves all the great information that you put in as well as the pictures. Love and miss you all. Meemaw

  3. aww i like the chicken part of this one :)


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