May 15, 2009

Weekly Bible Class

We had our Bible class at the elementary school (normally on Fridays) early this week because of the holiday weekend. Storms throughout Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning meant morning classes were called off. Wednesday afternoon, however, was quite a treat.

The students listened intently to the creation story read to them in Guarani, thanks to donors who purchased beautiful new Bibles with eye-catching illustrations. Each class ends with a prayer, and a couple weeks ago, the class prayed for rain to help out this emergency-level drought situation. Both classes since then have been opportunities to thank God for the rain He sent, and to pray for more. Since that first prayer was answered, the teachers step inside now and participate silently in the prayers when that time comes.

After the class, we all sat around on the "porch" while the kids played soccer for recess. The teachers had been reading the same Bibles I referenced above, which we gave to them last week. These men were full of questions. The evangelist we work with, Saul, is incredible in his knowledge and speed in the Bible. In true warrior fashion, he wielded the Sword and not only answered all the questions, but deftly wrapped the Q&A session around to a presentation of the Gospel and an explanation of salvation.

Ken and I just sat amazed, praying silently. Amazed that these educated adults had been so underexposed to basic Bible stories and concepts. Amazed that they were so hungry to know more. Amazed that God would bless us to witness it first-hand. Might I add, thankful that Saul was there so that he could speak to them in Jopora(mix of Spanish and Guarani that is most Paraguayans living outside the city speak) and they could understand completely the answers to their questions. Please pray for these teachers, that the hunger would continue to grow into an acceptance of Christ and a relationship with our Saviour.
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