May 24, 2009

Thanks to the Folks Back Home

We want to use our blog to send out a big "THANK YOU!" to those who sent things here through Nana (Christie's mom). She could barely pack clothes for herself because her suitcases were full of the warm clothes you sent for the children who live around us. Some of you also sent specific things for our family in particular, and we appreciate all of it. It's funny how much the little things mean when you no longer have access to them, like a pack of good old Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (or Peanut Butter Reeses as me and Grandad called them), books in English, powder for mac 'n cheese, or clothes that fit our new "South American" body changes. (The girls have grown, but Ken and I have shrunk.) Then a few extras like family-friendly movies, so we can just chill out together every now and then. It seems very selfish to receive things like this when many around us need so much, but every thing you sent was a really big deal to our family, and we so appreciate that you cared enough to go to the trouble. Be sure we think of you and pray you are blessed, every time we see these things. God is just too good to us, and so are y'all! :)


  1. Don't feel selfish! You deserve a little treat now and then! You folks are doing a great job for the Lord! Enjoy your treats and your mom!!!

  2. Hey, I thought we were friends! I want to taste those reese's peanut butter cups!! :)


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