June 17, 2009

Gorras for All!

What's a gorra? Well, if I tell you that, I'll have to tell you what a bufanda is, too. Gorras are the fleece or knit-style hats that slide down on your head in the winter, and the bufanda is the scarf. This week, we had the sheer joy of handing out the ones sent to us by our friends in Ciudad del Este. It's great to drive through the barrio or see children walking past the house and recognize the fleece hats and scarves they're wearing.

Thanks, again, to the wonderful Christian widow who made these, and to Jamie and Marion who shared them with our community in Arazaty. I'll skip the paragraphs of telling you how great it was to wrap up the kids at the school and in the neighborhood in these soft, warm things, and just show you the pictures instead....

Two of the teachers getting involved in the fleece fun. Saul is in the background. These two teachers happen to be brothers--can't you tell?

The group to the left is the afternoon session of students. The morning session is in the mix below, a little larger group.


  1. If they aren't adorable, I don't know what is! Thanks from me too to the people who donated!

  2. The stories you pass on to us and the pictures you post of the wonderful people you meet are such a blessing. The smiles on their faces are so beautiful. I know you're loving every minute of it (except for the ant invasion)! The girls look right at home there...I even think I saw Nana in the crowd...yes?


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