June 15, 2009

YAY Samuel! YAY God!

Saturday night was the weekly youth group meeting. Normally, we play a few games of volleyball and watch a movie, with a short talk about a scripture related to the movie. This weekend, we wanted to shake things up a bit. Instead of meeting in the dining hall of the campground, we gathered in our home. Twenty people crammed in for popcorn, UNO games, a 30-minute movie clip, and a special guest speaker.

Samuel is one of the young men who lives nextdoor in the Children's Home. He is 14, intelligent, and sometimes a bit moody (by his own admission). In one of our "chats" with him about this personality quirk, we talked about joy, and how it should come from the inside of a Christian. We talked about good habits like daily Bible reading and prayer. I told him I was studying 1 John this month, and encouraged him to do the same. The next morning, he said he'd read the whole book the night before and was working through it again! He came over to work through 1 John several times (that's what's happening in the pic below). One of these times, we asked him if he'd be comfortable sharing what he was learning at the next youth night. Of course, he said he would NOT be comfortable, so we said, "GREAT! Be ready to do it then!"
Well, what do you know? He came to the meeting with Bible in hand. He read a few verses and presented a very clear explanation to the youth, many of whom don't ever come to church and were probably hearing these words for the first time. He read that we are all sinners and have an advocate through Jesus Christ, then proceded to explain how this takes place.

We had a bonfire outside afterward (well, it was in a washpot, but it was still a fire...), which provided the opportunity for more casual discussion of what had been said. We are so proud of Samuel for his boldness, and trusting that God used that time to continue the work He's begun in these young men and ladies. Thank you for your continued prayers for our youth!

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