July 5, 2009

A Night at Arpa Roga

A few nights ago, we joined a couple of other missionary families and a visiting team for a special night of culture and food. The location was Arpa Roga ("Harp House"), a cultural center operated by the Pederson family of Asuncion. We enjoyed typical Paraguayan food, such as chargrilled steaks and sausages, various types of salads, breads, and desserts. All the while, we were being entertained by harpists who take lessons at Arpa Roga, and a lovely dancer who performed the traditional Bottle Dance. This entire dance was done with a large glass bottle atop her head, which never even came close to falling (much to my girls' dismay....)

We got to meet the McKissick family (Jeff, Amy, and their five gorgeous kids), who are leaving on furlough very soon. I've been following Amy's blog since before we moved here, and she's always been a great resource for learning about living in rural Paraguay. We met the Terhaar family who have been here a few months longer than us. It's always great fun and a big encouragement to meet other missionary families. The TIME students, who've been with Jeff and Amy for the past 6 weeks, were also there, and we enjoyed hearing of their adventures in Paraguay!

Pictures follow...


  1. If you come to ASU before mid July, look us up!

  2. Looks like a fun time! I love Paraguayan harp music.


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