July 6, 2009

Welcome, Mission Team!

Today we picked up Amber, Allisha, and Cole from the airport. They will be visiting with us the next few weeks. Amber and Allisha are from our home church, Carolina Heights, and we are SOOOOO looking forward to reconnecting with them. They've always been special to our family, and good friends to our girls. Cole is new to us but comes from the Summerville church, which we belonged to before moving to Greenville. Ken is excited to have another fella tagging along.

We have lots of things planned for them, including projects on the grounds, at the school, in the community, and in a town about 6 hours from here. They started their series of flights Saturday morning, so we're expecting at least a few hours of sleeping in tomorrow before we hit the ground running. Please pray that they adjust well to the change in climate, the food and water, and anything else that might be a possible source of culture shock. (And that I master the art of cooking for a group!)


  1. I´m sure you´ll do fine with the cooking. Just add lots of water to the soup... :)
    It will be great to visit with people from your home, I´m sure!

  2. Take care of my girls! Glad they made it safe and sound.

    Pastor Sullivan


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