July 8, 2009

Windy Days Mean...

Sometimes the wind gets pretty cranked up here, with or without the rainstorms. This time, Ken decided to make the best of it. He gathered his little croanies on the porch and taped together a couple long grass reeds, then added newspaper, fishing line, and a garbage bag tail. Next thing you know, we'd learned the word for KITE in Guarani and in Spanish (although no one pronounced it the same way in either!)

No one ever could get it off the ground more than a few feet at a time, but it sure was fun to watch their excitement over making it and running around trying to get it flying.
All the little guys wanted to add their advice for the construction of the SuperKite.
Caroline's on the far right, Ken on the left, attempting another lift-off.
Anildo displaying the finished but not quite functional product! This little guy would be smiling no matter what he's holding. He hardly speaks any Spanish but hangs out all the time, always grinning and always jumping up to be a part of whatever we're doing.

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