July 7, 2009

Things You Probably Won't See...

We find the greatest things in the grocery stores. Sometimes the girls start giggling and can't even tell me aloud what it is, and end up dragging me over to the shelf where they've found the "offending" product. Here are a few I snapped photos of. I'm guessing these are brands that wouldn't sell much in the States.

Yep, this is a brand of diapers, and yep, they pronounce it "poopie". Go figure.
I still haven't gotten used to the fact that they call anyone with really dark skin, whether of African heritage or not, a "negro" (or negrito at times), or if female, a "negra" (negrita).
A name like BARFY makes me want to run out and buy these exclusive burgers, which, by the way, can only be found in the big, nice supermarkets in Asuncion.


  1. Great pictures! I always saw funny stuff like that too, but was never smart enough to take pics

  2. Those are so cute! It makes shopping fun!


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