August 12, 2009

Like a Good Neighbor...

Caroline has been having a TIME this past week. She's generally in good health, but she's taken a bout with the stomach virus and now she has a cough that makes her sound like a barking seal. Our neighbors were hanging out tonight when Caroline (who was washing the dishes at the time) got rolling full-swing in a coughing fit. Francisco said his wife, Gladys, had been doing the same and he'd given her a "remedio." To Caroline's delight, he said that she should stop with the dishes and sit down to rest until he returned.

A few minutes later, Fransicso brought in a handful of eucalyptus leaves, which he tossed in a bag and began to crush. He added them to a pot of water, set it to boil, and told Caroline to get a towel. When the leaves began to boil, he coached her in standing over the pot with the towel draped over her head, taking care to leave enough space to prevent burning her face in the steam. He gave her detailed instructions on how she should not go out in the wind after a treatment like this, and how she needed to go straight to bed after all the deep breaths of eucalyptus steam.

When Caroline was saying her prayers, she thanked God that He'd told Francisco what to do for her cough, and that we had good neighbors. Ken and I did, too. :) (don't click...)


  1. We thank GOD for sending good friends to assist you all. Tell him God calls him friend also.Love Meemaw

  2. Bob has used this remedio many times and it really works!

  3. Some of the best stuff I've found to help against the bad winter coughs I tend to get here is some "jungle juice" (all natural) cough syrup called "miracle". It is found in almost all pharmacies and it really works. Hope she gets better soon!

    and YES, come visit ANY time!


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