August 10, 2009

Great Weekend

The High Point, North Carolina, mission team spent the weekend here, hosting a leadership retreat for Paraguayan pastors, youth leaders, children's workers, etc. What a wonderful time! They shared the Word and encouraged the local leaders. They brought great resources, practical teaching on day-to-day living, and timely advice. They invited the women in attendance to a special meeting, where I expected we'd have a class. To my surprise, they treated everyone to facials, manicures, and little gifts. The women were giggling and chit-chatting with their cold-cream-masked faces. It was just great!

Ken didn't get to attend as much as I did, because Caroline spent all Friday night vomitting and expelling her stomach contents in other less mentionable ways. She slept most of Saturday. Also, there was a death in the church family, so Ken ended up babysitting three extra children for a couple days and a night. It was a good weekend for movies, since it was VERY cold and raining constantly. Thanks to those of you who sent family-friendly DVDs and the decks of UNO cards recently. They were put to good use!

And thank you, High Point (and Georgia and W. Virginia and Miami) for sharing your folks with us for a short time. They were a big blessing to the Paraguayans and to our family.

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  1. That sounds really refreshing! I hope Caroline is back to normal in no time!


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