August 3, 2009

Video from the Hagerman Gals

Camille and Caroline recently made a video project for a friend back home, to show what they've been doing the last few months. I thought I'd share it with you because--well, because they make a Momma proud. If you're reading this directly off the blog page, I've included it after you click below, so as to not take up too much time loading this page. :) Hope you enjoy it!


  1. It's Fantastico!
    Such a great idea
    Bravo Carolina y Camila.
    We'll visit you soon.
    abrazos y bendiciones.
    J and M

  2. great video! I know why you are such a proud mamma....what great girls you are raising. I am so glad that God has placed me in your lives. Luv you guys..bunches!

  3. Your girls sound so grown up already! Great video!

  4. Sorry, I was way behind on reading your blogs. That video is great. Your girls are amazing! I just love them both- you and Ken have the right to be proud!

  5. I thought it was neat to show the surroundings and all of your friends, and great commentary. Forget TV...tune in for the sequel in your video series...I'm just a waitin'. Very proud of you girls! Love you all.


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