August 4, 2009

Chalk It Up to Another Miracle!

In our day-to-day lives, we have miracles big and small happening all around us. Lots of times I think we miss them along the way. Today's miracle, however, was hard to miss. Ken and Camille left this morning to help the house dad (Osvaldo) from the Children's Home get his truck to the mechanic's shop. This means they towed him behind our SUV for the normally two-hour trip into Asuncion.

Ken said they stopped for gas early in the journey, still here in Carapegua. He noticed then that the tow bar Osvaldo had just had made, was broken in a couple places. They took it to a welding shop to be repaired and then got back on the road. The two trucks traveled at pretty normal road speed (you know Ken) for a couple hours, and then got into the city traffic. Imagine a trillion buses, motorcycles, cars, and trucks, none of them respecting what we'd call "the rules of the road."

When they finally arrived at the mechanic's shop, Ken heard a noise and got out to walk back to Osvaldo and his truck "in tow." It was then he noticed that the noise came from the tow bar, which had broken loose and fallen onto the ground between the two vehicles. If this had happened anywhere along the road, I don't have to tell you that the results could have been disastrous, even deadly. Thank God He has his eye and His hand on us day after day.


  1. praise God is drink Kurupi too and brought several bags back with us. By the way...can i use the pictures of your food packaging with funny names that you did a few blogs back on my blog????

  2. Thank God for His protection! Can't wait to get back to our beloved red clay in just about a week. Then I'll be able to catch up on all your adventures over the past three months!

  3. :) You're so right. There are so many things we miss, actually I try to make a mental note and at least write them in my journal.

    Gloria a Dios. El siempre cuida de nosotros aunque nosotros no le pidamos.

    Love you girl.


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