October 8, 2009

Aw, You Shouldn't Have...

...but we're ever so glad you did! I want to throw out a public THANK YOU to Garden of Life, the company founded by Jordan Rubin. Our friend Christine was concerned about our maladjustment to the food and water here, and contacted them to ask if they could recommend a supplement. She described our situation, and they GIFTED US with a box full of vitamins and supplements for the whole family. What a blessing!

Christine went to the trouble of shipping it all to us, along with some letters to the girls (which they were very excited about), POP-TARTS (hallelujah!!), kool-aid, and grits. Ah, yeah, it's gonna be a southern feast around here! I'm trying to hold back and not eat breakfast at every meal. My mom also sent an unexpected box of pop-tarts and grits, which oddly enough, arrived the same day. It was quite a celebration here in the Hagerman house. Funny how much the "little things" mean.

Christine and family sent along some books--Christian living books for us in English and children's stories for the library we're beginning of Spanish books. Amber's already read through one of the English books, and we have made plans on how to use the others. My mom sent CD's of our state convention so we can hear some of the goings-on in our neck of the woods. We had a storm that dropped the temperature today, so it's felt a little like Christmas in October here... Thanks, y'all!


  1. I LOVE grits and I'm from the north! Just a little jealous ;)

  2. What lovely gifts! :D

    Now if I were you I probably wouldn't be tossing my mailing address around to strangers on the internet(!) but I'm going to try to ask this question anyhow: Is there a way for folks (the "total strangers who are blessed by reading what you're up to" kind of folks) to send things like that your way? Like-- Christian children's books and the like? Or is this maybe a question better directed to the mission organization sponsoring you?

    Reading these posts really has been a blessing to this Wisconsinite stranger. I discovered your blog the other day through expat-blog.com and have been spending my breaks at work reading them. Some of these stories are a riot! Some are humbling, some nerve-wracking, all beautiful. I do not envy you the heat, the suspicious water, or the car troubles, but just about everything else? Oh yeah. Woman: You have been BLESSED! Praise God that you have been given such a gift for sharing your experiences so effectively and beautifully through the written word!! Praise him! I know I am! Praising and thanking.

    Thank you. :)


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