October 7, 2009

Have I Seen This Skit Before?

We attended a parade in honor of spring, hosted by the town's high school. We walked there just after dark with several families from our new neighborhood, and found a place to sit on the sidewalk. The cars were decorated much like what we're used to, although there were a few trucks driving BACKWARDS so that the flower-filled bed with the princess or "Miss 9th Grade" was seen before the cab of the truck. I kept the girls well away from the actual road, needless to say!

Did I mention that the parade only lasted a city block? There were bleachers set up on one side of the road, the judge's table directly across from there, and the rest of the block was open sidewalk for those of us who couldn't find space in the bleachers. The emcee called for "next carrosa" and the next vehicle would drive that block.

All the floats were themed and presented a short play in from of the judge's table. Most talked about some way to better themselves so that the country is better, such as wearing helmets and reflective vests when on motorcycles, or not getting caught up in drinking alcohol, or not littering. Many of the skits resembled the kind that are now popular in youth groups, with a song about temptations youth face. You know the kind--someone is smoking or drinking or a prostitute, and Jesus or a Christian dressed in white comes along, fights the bad devils, and the person throws down their vices for a new life. Well, imagine that sort of skit, except instead of Jesus, the confused youth chooses to "change his wicked ways" for the flag of Paraguay. I kept feeling deja-vu in a weird way.

One of the first few floats included a horse, which promptly deposited a steaming pile of solid wastes in front of Ken, complete with the stench. Every time someone walked or drove through it, the smell was renewed with a fresh funk. Not the best way to welcome spring, but we enjoyed the traditional dances and costumes, and spending time with some new friends.

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