October 13, 2009

Little Updates

Little Niko has a name and is doing well at adjusting to being a Hagerman. We're having fun housetraining him (if I tell myself that enough times, I may start to believe it). Thanks for all the votes for his name. We almost changed it the day after choosing Niko, after Ken went on a campaign to call him Rocky. :)

Today, we'll be driving the SUV about an hour and a half away, to leave it with a mechanic. It is overrun with problems right now (leaking fuel pump, brakes giving way, vibration underneath, to name a few), and we can't put it off any longer. It'll be fun to catch the bus back home. We're praying for honest, economical fixes, and for the upcoming court date concerning this vehicle to go well. We have an appointment next week with a judge to try to settle the paperwork issue I've told you about.

This past Saturday night, we had about 25 young people packed into the living room to watch the soccer game. It's really funny to drive around during one of the games, as every home with a tv has it propped up in the front yard, and everyone is sitting in front of it. Every restaurant or bar has the tv on, and no one does much of anything until it's over. Every time Paraguay scores, people set off fireworks. When the game ends in a win, major explosions. It's quite fun! So we're taking advantage of that to get people inside the house. We're calling this PHASE ONE of the youth center: "Open the doors and bring people in."

This weekend will be the first children's ministry event here, which we'll do in coordination with our friends Adolfo and Silvia. Team Metamorphosis focuses more on youth ministry, but the word MITA (MEE tah) is how children are referred to in Guarani, so MITAmorphosis is the children's division. We're thinking along the lines of Bible School--you know--songs, story, scripture, game, snack. In Paraguay, it's most often called "La Hora Feliz" when kids ministry takes place. Yep, that DOES mean Happy Hour. We won't be serving drinks, however!! Silvia and Amber will be teaching, and Camille and Caroline will help as needed. They're excited to hand out the flyers and invitations this week.

Okay, just wanted to catch you up and solicit your prayers in these situations. We're excited about what God is doing, and confident that He's got His hand in every area of our lives. Thanks for your support!

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  1. We will certainly be praying! Glad to hear that all is going well and I'm sure we'll soon hear how well trained Little Niko is! My husband was so cute listening to the game on his short wave radio sitting on the porch! Take care and have fun preparing for the weekend!


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