October 2, 2009

Night Vision

I wish I had one of those night vision cameras that could snap a photo in darkness and it actually come out, because I'd love to show you what I saw last night. Imagine driving to the middle of nowhere down dirt roads, then turning onto a smaller dirt road, and driving some more. Then turning a few more times until the last road turned into a cow field.

That's what we did to help out at a youth night being hosted by our friend Fredi, in his home community. I've talked about their church before, and shown you a few photos of the church building in the process of construction. They've been busily raising funds (picture pasta dinners and sales of homemade bread and such) to buy material, and building as they go. One of the ladies told me last night that all that is lacking now is the money for the roof, which equates to a little less than $1500.

The church has been meeting in the front yard of Fredi's parents' house, and the members REALLY are evangelizing their community. Last night, in the middle of NOWHERE, no less than 70 young people showed up to watch a Christian movie we projected, followed by a message from a visiting pastor, and some music. One gave his heart to the Lord, and many responded by coming forward for prayer. I so wanted to take a picture for y'all, but the people were sitting on makeshift benches (picture two stumps with a log or board across them) underneath trees, and it was almost too dark to see them even without the camera. It was quite a sight, and a pleasure to project the movie onto the side of the house of people who are reaching out to their neighbors.

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  1. Maybe they'll reinact the scene during the day so you can take a picture! :) It's nice to always read about how the Lord is leading in your ministry! Blessings!


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