October 7, 2009

Slaying the Giant

Last Friday, Saul was at a pastoral conference and the joy of teaching the little people of the local elementary school fell on us. I've mentioned that these classes take place in Guarani, right? Well, I did my best to at least include SOME words in their language.

Ken and the girls handed out notebooks while I tried to keep the class's attention (notebook time is often chaotic). I thought I'd goof off a little and read the contents of the blackboard in my best "teacher voice" and act it out, while they awaited their notebooks. So I turned around and began, only to realize two words into it that they'd been studying the male anatomy, complete with many Spanish words that resemble the English ones enough to make me blush. So much for that idea.

We opted to talk about our day instead, until each student had his respective drawing notebook. Then I began to tell the story of David and Goliath, taking (drafted) volunteers from the class to be Samuel, the brothers, Jesse, sheep (I was the bear and the lion), King Saul, and little David. I chose the smallest boy each time for David, as the point was that little folks can do big things.

They were super actors, including Ken who, of course, was the giant. Here's a picture of our smallest David preparing to behead Goliath with the plastic sword of our resident dragon-slayer, Caroline. I got a laugh out of the chalkboard, the teachers got a laugh out of my attempts at Guarani, the kids got a laugh when the giant fell, and hopefully all learned that we come not by might, but by the spirit of the Lord.

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