November 30, 2009

District Convention

This weekend was the Southern District Convention, and we had a wonderful time. It took place this year right here in Carapegua (YAY! Convenient!) so we had the privilege of hosting a traveling family in our home Saturday night. That's always fun.

The theme for the Convention was "Our Work: Reconciliation." I had the preconceived notion that we'd hear a lot of talk about restoring relationships within the church, within our families, etc. And while that was covered, a big focus was on our job as believers, to facilitate reconciliation between God and his wayward children. We need to be constantly aware of how we can help people draw closer to God, and to see each neighbor as a son or daughter of our Father.

Ken was thrilled to play the congas for praise and worship alongside our friend Ruben, and I really enjoyed "doing what I do" with the computer and projector. It makes such a huge difference to us foreigners to see the words of the songs splashed up on the wall in giant letters. The girls were our assistants, grabbing things and pushing buttons and all that jazz.

We enjoyed the chance to connect with other brothers and sisters in the Lord, and to hear the Word that was shared about reconciliation with our Father, nuestro Padre, Nandejara.

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