November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving today, not just because we had a FEAST, but because we shared it with good friends--American ones who helped the dinner to be fantastic, and Paraguayan ones who sampled some of the best southern cuisine (including sweet iced tea) one could offer. Kudos to Ken's mom for mailing us Stove Top stuffing which arrived right on time. The locals were impressed with it and couldn't believe it came from a box. :)

We had time to think of missing family and friends, and how thankful we are of their support of us here. The encouragement goes such a long way. We also thought of how blessed we are with good friends here, and with God's hand of protection and provision over us.

We are thankful for so many things, and want to remain so throughout the year. I've been reading a devotion that focuses on making thankfulness a way of life, and how that sort of attitude (it's all about perspective, remember?) can change not only your outlook but your circumstances. The writer gave the example of a day when things weren't going right--you know those days, when everything you touch seems to blow up. Rather than see it as a moment to be be thankful for all things and search for that "silver lining," she got caught up in the negative and grumped around the house. Before she knew it, her kids were grumpy, and the environment in the home was altogether different.

As adults, we SHOULD be able to manage ourselves better, but I'm so guilty of letting circumstances dictate my moods at times. On the big stuff, not so much, but burning rice or finding an empty toilet paper roll can get under my skin. So much nicer if I thank God that I have an option other than eating the burnt rice, and that I have an indoor toilet and another roll of paper to replace the empty roll. Perspective. Thankfulness. Joy.


  1. Iced tea is the BEST! : ) That's so sweet that you were able to share Thanksgiving with other believers.
    : ) I enjoyed reading your post!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you folks too! Glad you had a wonderful time! We're praying for your mission!


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