November 10, 2009

Happy Hour in Paraguay

This weekend was the first Sunday morning HAPPY HOUR (La Hora Feliz)! Well, the first one in our house, anyway. Amber's been focusing on children as part of her mission internship, by teaching the little folks in our weekly English class, and now by hosting an hour of Bible learning and fun for the children in the neighborhood. Camille and Caroine were thrilled to be her "assistants."

We weren't sure how many to expect, but were hoping for 10. Word spread, and there were 18 very attentive, very well behaved kids in the front room. Amber handled it like a champ, reading the Creation account IN SPANISH and holding their attention through the whole story. She separated them into 7 groups (one for each day of Creation) and had them illustrate their specific day. Then they lined up in order of Days 1-7, to show their drawings. The groups really put a lot of effort into doing a good job on their little projects. Next, each child received a coloring page with the memory scripture on the bottom, along with popcorn and kool-aid.

The children responded wonderfully and have been talking about it since! They keep asking how many days till next Sunday! Good job, Amber.


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  2. fantastico - love it. I been trying to leave a commmet for afew days but wont send.. anyway strength and grace animo for you all..
    Go Amber Go !!
    wanted to say happy one year aswell - there would be a big gap if you guys werent in Paraguay.


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