November 15, 2009

Clean Water

Thankfully, a southern wind has brought a break in the 100* temperatures, but it's also brought storms and power outages, and at times, we have no water. That's never fun. I'm happy to announce, however, that when we have water, it's CLEAN WATER!!!! We were finally able to locate a little machine thingy that hooks up to our kitchen sink, and filters the water three different ways. What a plus this is for our family! We were buying and boiling water before that, and it had gotten so bad that we were drinking colas regularly because they were safer than the water. My children thought it was pure heaven, as we've never really been a family to drink colas, and then only on "special days." You could actually SEE the funk floating (well, sinking, really) in a clear glass of water. For that reason, I always tried to drink from a colored cup. Haha. Seriously, though, thank God for cooler temperatures and clean drinking water.

For the sake of those of you who found me on a google search for water filters in Paraguay (I just love it when I get googled!), I'll give you the details. We drove all over the world, called a million stores, and spent ages online searching this one out, so maybe it'll save you the trouble. We found the sink unit and others much larger (think whole house systems), in a store in Asuncion called Agua & Tecnologia (A&T), on Avenida Boggiani N. It was a little tough to find, but it was right next door to a cooperativa, on the Ayala end of Boggiani. Elida was very helpful in showing us what was available and finding what would best meet our needs. If you go by, tell them we sent you!


  1. Wow! Thanks for the info--that's just what we need to get for my mother-in-law!!! :) Enjoy!!! Kathy


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