November 5, 2009

Meeting Real-Life Stars

We had a wonderful visit tonight with the Kurrle family from down south, near the city of Encarnacion. You may recognize them from their blog, which I've been following for a good while.

He is a 3rd generation MK (missionary's kid), and his grandparents actually came to Brazil on a BOAT! He was raised in Argentina and Paraguay, then met his bride in college in the States. They finished seminary and moved here seven years ago, and are as Paraguayan as the mandioca (that's a saying here). He is starting a discipleship school after working in radio for a long time, and she runs a child sponsorship program.

They have the CUTEST little boy, Timmy, who will turn 4 soon. Caroline had a great time playing KNex with him, building boats and cars and motorcycles. She remarked several times that he's just so polite and as cute as can be. They're going through the process to adopt a Paraguayan baby, so keep their family in your prayers.

They were such a blessing to us tonight, sharing the stories of similar experiences, encouraging us in so many ways, and just being cool "normal" folks. It's always a little like meeting some movie star that I've known from TV Land when I meet someone I've known from a blog, but such fun. Thank God for the time we got to spend with these "stars." (Daniel 12:3)


  1. I´ve followed Julie´s blog for a while now too. She is very down to earth and I like her writing. I´m glad they were an encouragement to you!

  2. Ah...what a great experience for you guys! I hope to meet them someday soon too!
    I'm giving away some coffee on my blog! Come stop over and put your name in the giveaway! :)
    Blessings to you!

  3. Hey snakeslayers
    We met them recently too - and they are very very cool folk.. and Timmy is a great little guy.
    God is good to arrange stuff like this isnt He? abrazos from us in
    HOT HOT HOT cde.

  4. You are way too kind. The honor was ALL ours. Thank you for the great southern hospitality.

    I love your blog and just HAD to meet the gal behind all the crazy adventures! I wish we didn't live so far from each other; I think we're kindred spirits!

    Oh, and Timmy asks me when he can go to our new friends' house again!


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