January 15, 2010

10 Things I've Learned in 2009

Some things I already knew but was reminded of, and some are fresh revelations.

1. Although I prefer not to share my home with ants, spiders, flying cricket, lizards, ___ (insert random creepy-crawly), I can survive doing so.

2. It is one thing to believe what I believe, another to REALLY live what I believe, and entirely another to explain what I believe to someone who finds it “foreign.”

3. Before using a towel, I should take the time to closely examine both sides of it. The same goes for pulling back the covers before crawling into bed.

4. Learning a new language is fun. Learning two new languages at the same time is confusing, but also fun.

5. It’s not just a saying, that “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Getting involved in everyday needs goes a long way.

6. The same holds true for “No man is an island.” I’ve always considered myself independent, and I still think I’d follow this calling if I were alone in it, BUT encouragement and support from those who believe in the vision is invaluable. Getting a little note in the email box or a comment on facebook or a card in the snail mail just sends us through the roof. To think that people are praying for us is quite humbling and amazing.

7. People are the same at the core, no matter where you go. We all have a God-shaped hole, and some try to fill it with classic “sins,” others with religion. Neither will ever quite fit.

8. My children are amazing. Okay, I knew that before, but I’ve seen it daily since getting here. It’s incredible to watch them minister, to hear them speaking Spanish, to listen to their prayers for the work here. Sure, they bicker and complain about chores and are still typical tweens, but they’ve weathered this remarkably.

9. Just because I've always done it that way (or you've always done it that way), it's not necessarily the right way or even the easiest, just the most comfortable.

10. God really is enough.

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  1. Amen. I love you guys and think of you daily when I see your picture on the refrig or hanging in my class. Can't wait to return and experience the "town" life...lol! {{huggs}}...to everyone! :o)


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