January 13, 2010

Walking A Lot

Hollie has had plenty of opportunity to get to know the community of Carapegua, as our car officially died the second day she was here. She never quite got the benefit of the mission-mobile because she was napping while we ran in for her recovered luggage (it only came one day late), and the motor self-destructed on the trip back home. So this week, we've adjusted the schedule a bit and explored Carapegua by foot.

We signed the girls up for a summer day-camp on the other side of town, in which they chose to focus on drama classes. They've enjoyed getting to meet lots of new kids, and we've had the opportunity to introduce ourselves to several of the teachers and parents. Thankfully, we've not been rained on, although we carry the umbrella for sun protection.

Tomorrow, Hollie, Camille, and Saul will be attending national youth camp nearby, for the weekend. They are excited that recent rains have dropped the temperature a bit and they won't be on fire physically as they get fired up spiritually.

We enjoyed a time of fellowship and Bible study with the Morton family and their mission intern, Heather, today. Heather arrived on the same flight as Hollie, so I think they enjoyed getting to catch up on how their first week is going. For us, it's always good to hear the Word in English and be able to discuss and learn in our native language. I was reminded, in particular, of how important it is to keep my own cup full, so to speak, so I can spill over onto other people. If I am spiritually dry or thirsty, it's hard to give the living water to others who need it so desperately. Thank God for the chance to study together and "refill" my cup.

Please help us pray for our truck. We are awaiting the estimate for the rebuilding or replacement of the motor, but we still are unsure of what to do about that. You may remember the story of how we purchased it and never received the proper paperwork, being lied to over and over about what was delaying it. As it turned out, the original owner still has debts owed on it, and the title isn't clear. The car lot owner sold it to us, issued us a barely legal bill of sale, and walked away with our money. We did everything we knew to do before finally hiring a lawyer a couple months ago, but she hasn't made any end-roads yet, either. The owner is currently in contempt of court for refusing to show up for the hearing, and we are at the point now of needing to continue the proceedings to fix this mess. Of course, every step has a price. And now we need to decide if we want to invest any more money in repairs (which have been fairly constant on this vehicle from the start), knowing we don't have the legal paperwork. For now, we walk. And we ask the Lord for wisdom as to what He'd have us do next concerning this situation.

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