January 4, 2010

From Ciudad del Este with Love

Jamie and Marion are a couple of cool kids from across the big pond who live in Ciudad del Este. One part of their ministry in Paraguay is painting beautiful art boards and donating them to schools, children's homes, public buildings, and other ministries. We were so thrilled to be the recipient of some of this artwork, each of which depicts a Bible scene, with an encouraging portion of the scripture it was based on.

We hung the first board in our youth center, and the second we took to the nearby Children's Home.

We have a couple more picked out for the health post and the elementary school we visit, but since school was closing for summer vacation, we were asked to hang on to these until they start up again. So we have them stacked around the youth center, and everyone who enters can't resist going over to check them out. I can't imagine the hours that went into designing and painting each of these huge boards. What a tremendous idea to share this talent, and may God bless Jamie and Marion for sharing it with Carapegua!

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