January 7, 2010

Hollie's Here!

We've retrieved Hollie from the airport and she's taking a much-needed nap. This is just a quick post to let those who might be wondering, know that she's here and in good shape. Well, SHE is, but all her luggage was "misplaced" somewhere along the way. Hopefully it'll turn up soon... Until then, we've got her covered, and she's clean and fed and resting. She'll be with us for 6 months, learning all she can about missions and Paraguay and ox-carts and tatakuas and, well, you get it. I'm sure she'd appreciate your prayers. (I almost posted a picture of her napping for her family's peace of mind, but since it's her first day, we'll go easy on her... hehe) For the rest of you who might be interested in coming as a student/intern of Tapé Mission Experience, check out the webpage or get in contact with us.


  1. Just knowing she got there safe gave me peace. Thanks for the post. We're looking forward to Hollie's new adventure.

  2. Awesome! Hope your friend has a wonderful experience here in Paraguay!

  3. Welcome to Paraguay, Hollie! May God bless you and work through you during your stay!


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