January 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Camille!

Today our wonderful firstborn turns THIRTEEN! 13! Trece! AAAAAA! It's hard to believe time has flown this quickly, but here we are. She's been a fun child to have around, so we're excited about watching her grow into a young lady.

She's very thoughtful--not just in that "I'm a nice person" sort of way, but in the way that she THINKS a lot. She LOVES to read and spend time alone, but she's also very sociable with folks of all ages, and she enjoys being in the middle of a crowd.

Camille has always had a great spirit of hospitality, happy to serve and careful that all are comfortable. She is often called "guapa" here. In some cultures that means pretty, but in Paraguay, it's what folks call you if you are a hardworker. Well, we think she fits both definitions of that word!!

She is an active part of our ministry here and seeking God each morning for how He'd like her day to go. We're very proud of her, and thrilled that God saw fit to send her to our care.


  1. She's beautiful! May God continue to bless her!

  2. Happy Birthday to Camille! You must be so proud of her. I hope she enjoys her day!

  3. Happy Birthday and many blessings to Camille!!! We'll be praying for you as you embark on this new adventure in life called ADOLESCENCE!! :) Enjoy!!!

  4. You are just growing up so fast...can't hardly believe it...we are so very proud of you! Happy birthday, Senorita!


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