January 25, 2010

"NOW I'm 13!"

I know I’ve already blogged about Camille’s birthday, but I wanted to let you know about some of the cool things that turned out that day. First of all, we had a nice family lunch, with homemade pizza for all. That meant first thing, we started on the dough and the sauce. Saúl is taking a class on broadcasting, and he had asked all his classmates to announce birthday greetings on their radio programs. So throughout the day, we heard Camille’s name on the radio, and an occassional birthday song.

Being the concrete thinker that she is, she replied a little strangely every time someone asked her how it felt to be 13. She kept saying that she really only felt 12. Then at 7:27 PM precisely, she turned around to me and said, “NOW I’m 13.” She wasn’t going to call it done until she reached the time of her birth. That girl!

When we got to youth service that night, the leader called Camille up front and the pastor came forward to read a scripture just for her (Psalm 119:13). We were called up to stand beside her and the pastor prayed over the three of us as the congregation joined in. Several people at church had gifts for her, which completely surprised our birthday girl. Then a few others came to the house after church to share cake with us and hang out until just before midnight. It really was a day full of celebrating!

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