January 28, 2010

What a Party!

Deisy (pronounced Daisy) is one of the youth here in Carapegu√°. She invited us to her 15th birthday party, which is a huge celebration a lot like a wedding reception. She was formally presented as a young lady, and her attendants each took a turn handing her a flower and a scripture verse of wisdom for her future. The parents and the birthday girl said a little something each, and then the pastor prayed for her. After the ceremony part, everyone had a meal together.

A huge wedding-style cake was the center of attention after the meal, as all the single young ladies gathered around to pull ribbons that were baked into the bottom layer of the cake. Each ribbon had a little “charm” on the end of it, such as an eagle to symbolize strength, or a heart to symbolize love. This Quince Party (KEEN say) is something the girls look forward to all their childhood, much like we imagine our wedding. It was great to take part in Deisy’s big day.

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