January 30, 2010

Young Ladies Bible Study Group

Sunday afternoon, we hosted the first weekly meeting of the young ladies of Carapegu√°, where we are studying the book, Lies Young Women Believe (And the Truth that Sets Them Free). Girls from the age of 13 to their late 20’s attended. We started with a little quiz that clues you into the lies you may already be believing about yourself, your life, or God, and then talked about how believing the lies causes us to change our behavior and live according to the lie. The purpose of the study is to expose the truth in God’s Word about each of the common lies young ladies live with, and to open their eyes to where and how a lie can slip in. I have to admit that it’s a bit intimidating to teach totally in Spanish, but thanks to my friend Rhonda, I have this book in both English and Spanish, and that’s helped me a TON! The girls responded appropriately, so I guess I was understood, for the most part….

This is Paola, my little helper. She is practically an orphan, who lives across the street with a family who basically took her in. I just ADORE her. She stops by all the time to help me in whatever I’m doing, and she had come over as I was preparing the room. You’ll see in the “before shot” below that she’d been playing all day. She asked why I was putting out candles and napkins and such, and I told her some young ladies were coming to learn about God. She said, “Oh, I’ve got to go bathe!” and ran off. It’s nothing strange for kids to bathe in the middle of the day, so I didn’t think anything of it, until in the middle of the meeting, she stuck her head in the door and peeked around at me. She’d pulled out her best clothes, slathered her face with some glitter, and did her best to brush her hair out. How could I say no? I gave her a notebook like the others had, and she quietly sat beside. Then afterward, she taught her own class on the porch with a couple little friends.


  1. I was given that book as a gift a couple years ago. I started reading it, loved it, put it down... and then what? Why did I never finish it? Maybe I'll pick it up again today and *read along* with you ladies. :)

  2. Oh how cute your little neighbor is! May the Lord continue to bless her (--one big blessing for her was when you folks moved in!)! We'll be praying for this group of young ladies! Have a nice week!

  3. Little Paola is so sweet! What a blessing that she is so interested in the Bible study! Hope you have a great study this year. We're doing a Beth Moore study in Spanish (we did one last year and the ladies loved it).


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