February 7, 2010


These past few days have been a whirlwind! We spent two days at the end of last week running here and there in Asuncion, not really enjoying hopping buses in the heat, which was over 100* both days. However, we did get some needed things done, and it seems that our immigration paperwork is finally nearing an end. We also were able to visit the supermarket that gets a once-per-year shipment of imported groceries from the US, and I loaded up on pop-tarts. **Okay, those of you parents who read this aloud to your kids, use your judgment on my next sentence. We were delighted that the typed-out price tag for one of the boxes didn't read "pop tarts," but actually said, "pops farts" instead. I had to explain to the check-out gal why we were in tears.

Moving along. This weekend, we opened the youth center for a hangout/movie night, and had a good turnout. Everyone seemed to like the paint makeover. The next evening, we attended a youth gathering in Carapegua, which included a 15th birthday and a fresh batch of brownies. Even in unbearable heat, warm brownies are always in order.

Afterward, around 10 PM, some of us went to bed and the rest went to a vigilia (all-night church service). I have to confess that I only lasted until about 12:30 AM, then came home to sleep until 4 AM, when I was awakened by a couple girls who wanted to spend the night--well, the rest of the morning. So I walked a few blocks to meet them, then tried unsuccessfully to go back to sleep. Because the heat is so bad right now, we are all piled up to sleep anyway, so we can at least SLEEP in the a/c. Thank God again for an air-conditioner in the bedroom.

At 10 AM, Hollie and the girls had La Hora Feliz, with about 10 children from the neighborhood in attendance. They used the VERY DELUXE flannelgraph set that was donated recently from partners in SC, and the kids loved it. Then at 2 PM, the young ladies came over for our weekly Bible study. We talked about the origin of the lies we hear from the enemy, then begin to believe, and finally act on. It was great to hear the testimonies that came after I read the scripture

John 8:32 "You will know the truth and the truth will make you free."
It's always good to be reminded that we don't have to walk around in chains, although sometimes we choose to.

After the gals left, we got ready for a visit to a church we'd never been to. Thank God this was one of the times we had water, because by now we were all drenched and in need of showers.

What a blessing it was to be refreshed in worship and the Word. Caroline and I had to step out once to "breathe" because the heat was just horrible, but even outside it can't be escaped right now. The rumor is that rain is on the way this week. We meant it quite literally tonight when we sang, "Send the Rain."

Lord willing, tomorrow (well, later today) will involve a bit of rest for us all, and some wet towels applied to the face under the shade of the mango tree. Sometimes the hectic pace is a bit much, and I whine about the heat. But even in times like this, I just love my life. Thanks again, Lord.

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