February 25, 2010


If you're older than 30 (It's okay...raise your hand. Be proud.), you may remember Sunday School consisting of a Bible story told by your teacher and then "acted out" on a flannelgraph board. We were a small church, and my Granny was my teacher. I remember that she had cut out solid backdrops of felt, to which she stuck the little figures that came with the Bible study booklets. We had paper versions of Noah and Joseph and even some of the animals. If she didn't have something, she made it from scrap pieces of felt. I never knew there was any other way to do it.

Fast forward to 2010, and we received a huge box of a deluxe flannelgraph set, complete with the backgrounds, extra scene props, and a whole bunch of characters to cut out. The set also included two books--the English and the Spanish version of Old and New Testament stories, with lists for each of which figures and backdrops you should use to illustrate the story. WOW! What a great idea for a donation! Thank you so much for thinking of the children here and wanting to invest in their Bible learning!

We put this kit to use in La Hora Feliz, the weekly children's Bible study time on Sunday mornings, in our home. The kids were amazed at the bright colors and realistic scenes, and the visual display helped with the language barrier. Flannelgraph has come a LONG WAY, Baby!

And as you can see from this photo, even the teens find entertainment in the felt....


  1. I *loved* flannelgraph stories!! And as I recall-- my mom was quite the amazing flanelgraph story teller. ;) That is such a cool donation idea. sometimes people have the neatest ideas...


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