February 22, 2010

Return Trip Scheduled!

I finally "bit the bullet," as Mrs. Donnelly used to say, and bought the tickets for our furlough later this year. We will be landing in Atlanta the last day of September, spending all of October and November visiting churches, seeing family, and bopping around local Goodwills and Taco Bells, then heading back to Paraguay the last day of November. We arrive in Asuncion on Caroline's birthday, December 1. I planned that just right so that she could receive the children's ticket price. Haha. (It's a spiritual gift I have--the gift of cheap. They call me "Economista" here.)

So this is the official notice that comes before the official emails, to let you know that we will officially be in the States later this year. Please try not to drink all the root beer before we get there.

We'd love to go ahead and schedule some visits to speak to your church, Bible study group, Sunday School, Ladies' Night Out, homeschool co-op, whatever. If you'll drop us an email (hagerman100 at yahoo dot com), we'd be thrilled to put you on our calendar. We really look forward to seeing everyone and are excited to have finally clicked the "buy tickets now" button online. Until October, there's work to be done here and we'd love for you to be a part of it. Drop on by Carapegua when you're in the area, and if you can't make it, maybe we'll see you later this year at YOUR place.


  1. Congratulations! Wow--it's exciting! I'm glad all went well with your plans and we'll be praying for everything to settle into place!

  2. hahahaha! The VERY first thing I do when I'm in the US is go to GOODWILL. It's God's gift to us repurposers or economistas!


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