March 16, 2010

A Little Trip to La Rosada

Last week, we loaded up a couple of neighbors and went to the creek. We stopped by a war museum first so we could chalk up a history lesson for the day, and then the gang all jumped in the water. Well, all but me. I don't like to get in water very often, so I am the guardian of the food and shoes. We hiked through the nearby trails and learned a good bit about nature from the signs in Guarani along the way. Hollie learned to look in all directions in case very large spiders are over her head, and Caroline learned to let others take the lead and the brunt of the webs. I learned that I won't die if a giant spider gets on my face, even if I think I will. Ken learned that Hollie makes a mean pb and j sandwich. Our neighbors learned that we aren't as woodsy as we claim we are.


  1. Did you really get a giant spider on your face? Or was it just the thought of one? Those spiders in Paraguay are huge!

  2. I sure did! It was one of those humongous ones, with the webs like yarn. I was swiping a long stick in front of me to try to prevent just that sort of thing, and I swung the unhappy passenger right into my hat. Thankfully, the web hung from my hat brim and not my actual hair, or I might have just collapsed right there. I could see him dangling in front of me and was wrestling like crazy to get him off!!!


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