March 2, 2010

Sunny Parks, the Truck, and Prayer

We spent part of the day yesterday at a youth event in a park near the capital. We intended to spend the whole day, but when you factor in walking to the bus stop, waiting for the bus, and then riding through all the stops to pick up every person standing near a field or a pond, it makes for a lot of bus and a little recreation in the day. Nonetheless, it was good to reconnect with youth and youth leaders we haven't seen since camp. The kids played a bit of volleyball, and we walked around seeking shady spots to chat with the folks who weren't playing any of the sports.

It seems the truck is nearing completion, and we may be back on the road in our own wheels before too long. I know, I know, I keep saying that, but that's what they keep telling us, too. Last night, the mechanic drove the truck to his home and called to tell us we could get it this morning. Lo and behold, this morning it still had a bit of a problem needing some "fine tuning" and we're put off until this afternoon. So hopefully today is the day.

We will all be traveling to Uruguay towards the end of this month, accompanying Dr. J. Gordon Henry as he leads a seminar on prayer. This will be after hosting a few here in Paraguay. Saul will be heading into Uruguay tomorrow, if all goes as planned, to get the remaining details lined up there. As always happens, things shift at the last minute, so he's going to dot the i's and cross the t's. Please pray that God's blessings are on the seminars, and that we are following His lead as we prepare to present them.


  1. Man, I'd like to participate in the seminars. When and where? I just finished the book "Praying Hyde" and realized how very much I have to learn about prayer!

  2. OOO! That'd be GREAT! The ones closest to you will be in our town, Carapegua, the weekend of
    March 19-20. Friday night will be from 7-9 PM and then Saturday morning from 8 till noon. The others will be earlier in the week, in San Lorenzo/Capiata area. Those are Tues-Thur, 16-18th March. Let me know if it works out that you could come to either!

  3. how awesome! i know you guys will be blessed. he will be at the Seneca church in the Spring. i can't wait. safe travels with Saul. i know he will be blessed by Dr Henry also. Love to all....{{huggs and kisses}}
    ~Rhonda :)


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