March 4, 2010

Thanks, I Needed That!

The past 48 hours, we've gotten two things we really needed. One is our truck back from the mechanic, complete with a shiny rebuilt motor. The other is the handy little Paraguayan cedula--one for each of us! It's been quite a process to get them both, but finally, we're on the road again and as recognized "citizens" of Paraguay.

The cedula and permanent residency are really big deals to us, because we no longer have to present these American passports to every policeman who wants to stop us (this matters...) We can travel within the southern cone of South America as Paraguayans, which has the benefit of usually not having to buy entry Visas. We also no longer have to keep renewing our Visas every few months to remain in Paraguay, a significant monetary savings. These little cards last 10 years, and was an investment of a whole lot of headaches, finances, red tape, and running around--we are SO excited to finally have them!!


  1. Congratulations! That's wonderful!

  2. WOOHOOO, PRAISE THE LORD, GREAT TO HEAR IT, etc. You know the drill. ;) That really is exciting news. So happy to hear it finally all snapped into place. Or-- maybe not really "snapped" so much as "was forced to work like when you give a kid two different brands of plastic building blocks and insist they're both "Legos" and they MAKE them go together."

    Regardless: You've got 'em. Excellent. :D

    P.S. I'm having some sort of OpenID error so I couldn't post this connect to my blog-- but it's Ruth! :)

  3. Yes--congratulations! What good news!!!

  4. Rejoicing with you on these important ministry tools!


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