March 25, 2010

Update from Uruguay

I'm typing this from the home of some American missionaries we've met here in Montevideo, Uruguay, who have been here a little over one year. They hosted us at a yummy lunch today and made us feel quite welcome. The church we came to work with has also been spectacular, showing some real southern hospitality.

Montevideo is a spectacular city, set along the Rio de la Plata, which looks like an ocean and basically is. The beaches are just lovely, and it's nice for this Carolina girl to see the ocean again.

The people are very, very different. I'll write in more detail about the trip and events later, but I wanted to fill you in and thank you for the prayers. The seminars have gone great so far, and we have a few events left for the weekend.


  1. Uruguay is a great place to visit. Be sure to have a chivito while you are there!

  2. Good Moooorning! Just dropping by to let you know you were in my thoughts and prayers this morning. Have a joyful week in Jesus!


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