March 30, 2010

Uruguay in a Nutshell

We had a spectacular time in Uruguay, but just let me say that it's good to be back. The beaches were beautiful (nice to see "big water" again), the weather was MUCH cooler, and the country was really quite modern. But I guess Paraguay is in our blood now (could it be the cedulas?), because we were all chomping at the bit to be back on familiar ground by the time we landed last night.

The churches we encountered in Uruguay are doing great ministry work. It's a tough country. Most of the citizens are atheists, and beyond that, there is a significant force of the New Age. We saw lots of advertisements for black magic, tarot cards, and eastern religions. The suicide rate is ridiculously high, which is so hard to believe when you see the natural beauty and the high standard of living there. A friend I met on the bus told me that it's like a heavy, depressive cloud settles on them in the winter. Even some of our Christian friends said it was tough to get through the depression that takes root over the country. Uruguay is definitely a country in need of spiritual liberty.

Throughout this week, I'll share some of the specific things we did there, including my surprise translation job at Dr. Henry's side. If I can get my hands on Camille or Hollie's cameras, you may even get a glimpse of how lovely Uruguay is! Till then... God bless you.

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